Advanced OpenStack Cloud on Cisco UCS Management with Manual Deployment (AOSCUCS) Schulung

OpenStack Cloud Schulung Cisco Schulung

OpenStack Cloud Schulung:
Deep understanding of installing, configuring and monitoring

OpenStack is an open and scalable operating system for building public and private clouds. It provides both large and small organizations an alternative to closed cloud environments, reducing the risks of lock-in associated with proprietary platforms. OpenStack offers flexibility and choice through a highly engaged community of over 6.000 individuals and over 190 companies including Cisco, Rackspace, Dell, IBM, and Red Hat. As powerful as the OpenStack software is, we know firsthand it takes a lot more than software to properly design, deploy, and operate a cloud at scale. This advanced training provides a deep understanding of how to manually install, configure and monitor the OpenStack environment. Students will walk away from the training with the understanding of the inner workings of individual OpenStack components, how to customize them to their environment and how to effectively monitor running OpenStack deployment. The course is intended as a follow-up to our OpenStack Fundamentals on Cisco UCS (OSFU) course.

Diese OpenStack Cloud Schulung bieten wir Ihnen auch als individuelles OpenStack Cloud Training vor Ort als Firmen-Seminar an.


Module 1 - Deploy each OpenStack Platform service manually

  • Message broker
  • Install and configure the message broker service
  • Secure it using authentication and encryption
  • Keystone identity service
  • Install, configure, and use the Keystone authentication services
  • Swift object storage service
  • Install, configure, and use the Swift object storage service
  • Glance image service
  • Install and use the Glance image service
  • Cinder block storage service
  • Install the Cinder block storage service
  • Manage Cinder volumes
  • Nova compute and controller services
  • Install Nova compute and controller services
  • Deploy an instance from the command line

Module 2 - Neutron - Overview OpenStack architecture related to software-defined networks

  • Introduction to Linux networking fundamentals
  • Review Linux system administration networking concepts
  • Deploy virtual bridges
  • Install and manage Linux bridges and Open vSwitch
  • Deploy virtual network devices and implementing namespaces
  • Create tap devices, veth devices, and network namespaces
  • Implement a virtual router
  • Introduction to Neutron architecture
  • Define Neutron architecture
  • Implement and use the Neutron server
  • Implement and use the Neutron L2 services
  • Implement and use the Neutron DHCP agent
  • Implement and use the Neutron L3 agent

Module 3 - Expanding, metering, tweaking

  • Nova compute service
  • Implement an additional compute node
  • Learn to add and remove additional Nova compute nodes
  • Ceilometer metering service
  • Install and manage the ceilometer metering service
  • Deploying a high-availability cluster
  • Configure Pacemaker, Corosync and HaProxy for OpenStack API services
  • Implement an active-passive MySQL cluster
  • Implement an active-active message broker
  • Set up and run a pool of message brokers to improve availability and reliability

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System administrators and solution architects who want to get deeper understanding of OpenStaack components and how they interact are ideal for this training course. The curriculum is developed with IT professionals or developers in mind who have at least six months of Linux system administrator experience, are proficient at command line interface use and bash scripting and had some initial exposure to OpenStack in the past.


The knowledge and skills that you should have before attending this course are as follows:

  • Comfortable with Linux CLI
  • Good understanding of virtualization & hypervisors
  • Some experience with Linux networking
  • Attendance of OpenStack Fundamentals on Cisco UCS (OSFU) course or some initial exposure to OpenStack environment

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Advanced OpenStack Cloud on Cisco UCS Management with Manual Deployment (AOSCUCS) Schulung

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