Veritas Backup Exec 16: Administration Schulung

Veritas Exec Schulung Netzwerke Schulung

Veritas Exec Schulung:
Learn to manage Backup Exec 16

The Veritas Backup Exec 16: Administration course is designed for the data protection professional tasked with architecting, implementing, backing up, and restoring critical data. This five-day, Instructor-led, hands-on class covers how to back up and restore data, configure storage devices, manage media, and maintain the Backup Exec environment. Students also learn how to configure and work with various Backup Exec Agents, which protect applications like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL, and virtual environments.

Diese Veritas Exec Schulung bieten wir Ihnen auch als individuelles Veritas Exec Training vor Ort als Firmen-Seminar an.


Course Introduction

  • About this course
  • Education and support resources

Backup Exec 16 Fundamentals

  • Data backup basics
  • Backup Exec solution offerings
  • Backup Exec architecture
  • Backup Exec 16 end of life items

Installing Backup Exec 16

  • Backup Exec 16 download options
  • Backup Exec 16 – New installation
  • Typical installation of Backup Exec
  • Custom installation of Backup Exec
  • Installation Logs
  • Installing Backup Exec 16: Remote Administration Console
  • Applying Backup Exec updates

Working with the Administration Console

  • Launching Backup Exec 16
  • Backing up and recovering data

Licensing Backup Exec 16

  • Backup Exec License Editions
  • Capacity Editions
  • V-Ray Edition
  • Backup Exec 16 license key requirements

Disk Storage Devices

  • Backup Exec storage devices
  • Configuring disk storage devices
  • Configuring disk cartridge devices
  • Configuring deduplication storage
  • Configuring Backup Exec storage pools
  • Managing disk storage devices

Network Storage Devices

  • Configuring cloud storage
  • Configuring network storage

Disk and Network Storage Data Management

  • Managing disk and network data
  • Data Lifecycle Management
  • Read only setting
  • Media Catalogs

Tape Devices and Tape Management

  • Configuring tape storage
  • Managing tape devices
  • Tape Storage Operations
  • Managing tapes with media sets

Backing up Data

  • Adding a server
  • Creating a backup job
  • Working with multi-server backup definitions
  • Accounts and credentials in Backup Exec
  • Managing server selections
  • Backup selections – Dynamic inclusion
  • Backup selections – Tag as Business-Critical
  • Backup selections – Resource ordering
  • Backup selections – Excludes
  • Adding a backup task
  • Backup settings – Backup methods
  • Backup settings – Additional settings
  • Backup stage basics
  • Job name fundamentals
  • Manually running backup jobs

Managing Servers and Jobs

  • Backup and Restore view
  • Server groups
  • Retired servers group

Restoring Data

  • Viewing contents of backup sets
  • Restore job basics
  • Restore settings
  • Granular restore technology (GRT)
  • Restoring data from a single backup set
  • Restoring data from multiple backup sets
  • Restoring data from a cloud storage device
  • Restoring data from disk storage
  • Restoring data from tape
  • Restoring data from backup job
  • Online Disaster Recovery
  • Restoring System State
  • Shadow Copy Components

Working with the Database Encryption Key

  • Backup Exec Database sensitive data components
  • Auto-generated AES-256 encryption key
  • Protecting the Database Encryption Key (DEK)

Simplified Disaster Recovery

  • Simplified Disaster Recovery fundamentals
  • Simplified Disaster Recovery: Backup
  • Installing the SDR disk creation wizard
  • Creating an SDR disk image (.iso) file
  • Recovering a server with SDR
  • Windows Storage Pools and Spaces
  • SDR additional options

Upgrading to Backup Exec 16

  • Upgrading to Backup Exec 16 server
  • Backup Exec 16 Central Admin server and Managed Backup Exec server rolling upgrades
  • Agent for Windows upgrade
  • Migration report

Appendix A: Storage Devices

  • Windows Storage Pools and Spaces
  • Network Storage
  • Remote Media Agent for Linux
  • Robotic Libraries
  • Importing a legacy backup-to-disk folder

Appendix B: Central Admin Server Option

  • Backup Exec 16 CAS: Overview
  • Installing the CAS
  • Installing MBES
  • Backup jobs: MBES and Server Pools
  • Restoring Files using CAS
  • Instant Recovery jobs
  • MBES Settings
  • Copy Configuration to MBES
  • Upgrading a CAS environment to Backup Exec 16
  • Renaming CAS and MBES
  • MBES to Standalone
  • Offline Central Admin Server Restore from a Managed Backup Exec Server

Appendix C: Remote Administration Console

  • Installing Backup Exec 16 Remote Administration Console

Deduplication Storage

  • Data deduplication and Open Storage Technology: Fundamentals
  • Enabling the deduplication option
  • Configuring Backup Exec deduplication storage
  • Exclusion from Windows deduplication
  • Configuring OST device
  • Deduplication backup job
  • Configuring client-side deduplication
  • Rehydration
  • Optimized duplication
  • Protecting Backup Exec deduplication storage
  • Best practices for the deduplication option

Introduction to Remote Agent, Applications and Databases

  • Agent for Windows
  • Push-installing the Agent for Windows using the Add Server Wizard
  • Locally installing the Agent for Windows
  • Managing the Agent for Windows
  • Agent for Applications and Databases fundamentals
  • Enabling the Agent for Applications and Databases feature

Protecting Microsoft Exchange Server

  • What’s new in Exchange 2016
  • Backup Exec Agent for Microsoft Exchange: Installation
  • Backing up a DAG
  • Exchange backup selections
  • Exchange backup settings
  • Exchange Preferred Servers Only backups
  • Restoring Exchange Data
  • Exchange Database Restore
  • GRT Browse Restore
  • GRT Search Restore
  • Restore Considerations: GRT
  • Restore Considerations: Public Folders
  • Restore Considerations: Site Mailbox
  • Restore Considerations: Database Overwrite
  • Restore Considerations: RDB
  • Restore Considerations: Disaster Recovery
  • Volume Shadow Copy
  • Troubleshooting: VSS Provider and Exchange Writer

Protecting Microsoft SQL Server

  • Microsoft SQL server agent: Installation
  • SQL backup selections
  • SQL backup settings
  • Restoring a Microsoft SQL server database
  • Unsupported Microsoft SQL server features

Protecting Microsoft SharePoint Server

  • SharePoint Agent overview
  • Adding a SharePoint server Farm
  • Backing up SharePoint
  • Restoring SharePoint

Protecting Microsoft Active Directory

  • Agent for Microsoft Active Directory
  • Traditional Active Directory Restore
  • Active Directory: Granular Recovery Technology

Protecting Virtual Environments

  • Virtualization technologies
  • Backup Exec virtualization Agents
  • Installing Agent for VMware and Hyper-V
  • Backing up virtual machines
  • Instant recovery for virtual machines
  • Removing an Instantly recovered virtual machine
  • Restoring virtual machines

Performing Virtual Machine Conversions

  • Conversion to virtual machine fundamentals
  • One-time convert to virtual
  • Backup and convert simultaneously
  • Backup and convert to virtual machine on schedule
  • Convert from a backup set
  • Virtual conversion options
  • Conversion considerations

Appendix A: Agent for Linux

  • Agent for Linux

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This course is designed for system administrators, system engineers, technical support personnel, systems professionals, consultants, backup administrators, backup operators, and others who are responsible for installing, configuring, and day-to-day management of Backup Exec 16.


You must have basic working knowledge of administration and configuration of the Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 platforms. You must also have experience configuring server software and hardware. Basic working knowledge of domain security and experience with Active Directory is recommended. Basic working knowledge of the following applications is beneficial, but not required:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • VMware virtual infrastructure

Ihr Vorteil

This course includes practical, hands-on lab exercises that enable you to test your new skills and begin to transfer them to your working environment. Additionally, assessment items at the end of each lesson test your knowledge and comprehension of the information provided.

Das Seminar wird in Kooperation mit Fast Lane, Hamburg, durchgeführt.

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Veritas Backup Exec 16: Administration Schulung

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5 Tage Veritas Backup Exec 16: Administration
  Beginn: Mo 09:00 Uhr  
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5 Tage Veritas Backup Exec 16: Administration
  Beginn: Mo 09:00 Uhr  
  Ende: Fr 17:00 Uhr  
5 Tage Veritas Backup Exec 16: Administration
  Beginn: Mo 09:00 Uhr  
  Ende: Fr 17:00 Uhr  
5 Tage Veritas Backup Exec 16: Administration
  Beginn: Mo 09:00 Uhr  
  Ende: Fr 17:00 Uhr  
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Die Präsentation und die Schulungsstruktur waren sehr professionell.

Jens Schmidt, Thinking Objects GmbH bintec VPN Access für Administratoren

Angenehme Lernatmosphäre und sehr fachkompetente Trainer, die auf jede Frage eingehen.

Mark Binder, MCE-ETV GmbH Bintec FEC IP Access

Es hat sehr viel Spass gemacht. Der Dozent war gut vorbereitet, hat umfangreiche Erfahrung im Themengebiet und reagierte auf Fragen unverzüglich und mit Eifer und Verständnis.

Michael Möbius, MEYTEC GmbH Netzwerkgrundlagen - Protokolle und Praxis

Ich bin mit vielen Fragen gekommen und kann mit vielen guten Antworten wieder gehen :-)

Stefan Becker, secunet Security Networks AG Netzwerkgrundlagen - Protokolle und Praxis

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