Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Administration Ed 2 NEW Schulung

Oracle ops center Schulung Oracle Schulung

Oracle ops center Schulung:
Successfully deploy and administer Ops Center

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Administration Ed 2 training provides the information you need to implement this system management software in your data center. Discussions and hands-on practices provide practical advice and experience focused on successfully using Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Release 2 to manage complex system environments.Learn To:Deploy Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Release 2 in a data center.Manage and monitor assets using Ops Center.Provision firmware and operating systems.Implement server deployment scenarios using Ops Center.Effectively manage incidents and notifications using Ops Center.Deploy Oracle Solaris Zones using Ops Center. Benefits To You:Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12cR2 offers a comprehensive management solution for physical and virtual system resources. This enterprise-class solution simplifies asset discovery, deployment, monitoring, and management. Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12cR2 provides server provisioning capabilities, from service processors to operating systems, to firmware. It performs comprehensive update and patch management, manages virtual environments such as Oracle Solaris Zones, Oracle VM Servers for SPARC and x86, and supports hardware management from power up to production. It also enables management of thousands of systems simultaneously. Hands-On Learning Experience ProvidedThis course provides the practical experience you need to successfully deploy and administer Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12cR2 in your data center, and describes its underlying technologies and best practices. Hands-on labs provide practice installing and employing Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12cR2 in a variety of use cases, including asset discovery, server deployment, operating system updates, and system and hardware management.A Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.

Diese Oracle ops center Schulung bieten wir Ihnen auch als individuelles Oracle ops center Training vor Ort als Firmen-Seminar an.


  • Ops Center Architecture
    • About Enterprise Manager Ops Center
    • Basic Ops Center Deployment
    • Components
    • Network Ports and Protocols
    • Ops Centers Subscription Model
    • Ops Centers Job Process
    • Ops Centers Infrastructure Stack Plug-in
  • Preparing for Installations
    • Setting Up the Oracle Database
    • Planning Enterprise Controllers, Proxy Controllers, and Assets
    • Choosing Connected or Disconnected Mode
    • Setting Up the Knowledge Base
    • Setting Up the Solaris 11 Image Package System (IPS)
    • Planning Networks for Ops Center
    • Verifying Resources by Running
    • Downloading and Staging Ops Center Software and Documentation
  • Installing and Configuring Ops Center
    • Installation and Configuration Overview
    • Installing Ops Center
    • Configuring Ops Center
    • Validating Installations
    • Deploying Additional Proxies
    • General Steps for Installing the Enterprise Controller for High Availability
    • Uninstalling Ops Center
    • Setting Session Timeout Values
  • Discovering Assets
    • Viewing Discovery Profiles and Managed Assets
    • Creating Discovery Profiles
    • Adding and Finding Assets
    • Switching Management Access for Assets
    • Managing Discovery Profiles and Management Credentials
    • Discovering Windows Operating Systems and SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers
    • Manually Installing and Enabling Agent Controllers
    • Migrating and Deleting Assets
  • Managing and Monitoring Assets
    • Managing Service Processors
    • Managing Operating Systems
    • Monitoring Service Processors
    • Monitoring Asset Dashboards
    • Viewing Asset Dashboards
    • Viewing Asset Groups
    • Creating Asset Groups
    • Organizing Assets
  • Managing Users and Roles
    • Users and Roles Overview
    • Adding Users to Ops Center
    • Viewing User Roles and Privileges
    • Managing User Roles and Privileges
    • Replicating User Roles
    • Configuring Notification Profiles for Users
  • Managing Software Libraries
    • About Libraries
    • Adding Software Libraries
    • Adding OS Images to Local Software Libraries
    • Managing OS Images
    • Adding Firmware to Software Libraries
    • Managing Firmware Images
    • Managing the Solaris 11 Library
  • Creating Plans and Profiles
    • About Deployment Plans and Profiles
    • Viewing Deployment Plans and Profiles
    • Creating Deployment Plans and Profiles
    • Applying Deployment Plans
    • About Operational Plans and Profiles
    • Creating Operational Profiles
    • Applying Operational Plans
  • Provisioning Firmware
    • About Firmware Provisioning
    • Creating, Editing, and Copying Firmware Profiles
    • Creating and Editing Firmware Deployment Plans
    • Running Firmware Reports
    • Applying Firmware Deployment Plans
    • Setting the Enterprise Controller Storage Library
  • Provisioning Operating Systems
    • OS Provisioning
    • Locating OS Images, Default OS Profiles, and Default Deployment Plans
    • Configuring DHCP
    • Editing and Copying OS Provisioning Profiles
    • Creating OS Provisioning Profiles
    • Creating OS Configuration Profiles
    • Creating Deployment Plans
    • Provisioning Operating Systems
  • Updating Operating Systems
    • OS Updates Overview
    • Performing Bulk Uploads
    • Working with Solaris 8-10 and Linux Catalogs
    • Options for Performing OS Updates
    • Configuring the New OS Update Job Wizard
    • Creating OS Update Profiles
    • Creating OS Update Policies
    • Selecting Custom OS Update Profiles and Policies for New OS Update Jobs
  • Performing Advanced Update Management
    • Setting Up Disconnected Mode
    • Adding Local Content
    • Updating Solaris Boot Environments
    • Creating Boot Environments
    • Viewing and Managing Boot Environments
    • Changes in Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Release 1
  • Managing Monitoring Policies, Notifications, and Incidents
    • Ops Centers Monitoring Capabilities
    • Managing Monitoring Policies
    • Creating Monitoring Policies
    • Viewing Alerts, Notifications, and Incidents
    • Configuring User Notification Profiles
    • Investigating Incidents
    • Assigning and Acknowledging Incidents
    • Resolving Incidents
  • Managing Storage Libraries
    • Storage Library Overview
    • Creating a NAS Storage Library
    • Viewing NAS Storage Library Information
    • Loading Images into a NAS Storage Library
    • Creating a SAN Storage Library
    • Adding LUNs to a SAN Storage Library
    • Associating a SAN Storage Library
    • Editing Library Attributes and Removing Storage Libraries
  • Creating and Managing Server Pools
    • About Server Pools
    • Creating a Server Pool
    • Server Pool Management
    • Creating Guests in a Server Pool
    • Zones Guest Management Actions
  • Working with Solaris Zones
    • Oracle Solaris Zones Overview
    • Creating Oracle Solaris Zones
    • Zone Data Structures
    • Shutting Down Zones
    • Booting Zones
    • Editing Zone Configurations
    • Adding Storage to Zones
    • Adding File Systems to Zones


  • Understand Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Architecture
  • Manage Incidents and Notifications using Ops Center
  • Install and Configure Ops Center
  • Perform Ops Center Administration Actions
  • Manage Ops Center Software Libraries
  • Understand Deployment Plans
  • Discover and Manage Assets using Ops Center
  • Provision Operating Systems and Firmware
  • Manage Software Update Processes for Operating Systems
  • Manage Ops Center Storage Libraries

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  • Administrator
  • Support Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Technical Administrator
  • Technical Consultant


  • General system administration skills related to system deployment, monitoring and software maintenance are required
  • General Oracle Solaris administration skills
  • General Network administration skills

Ihr Vorteil

This course provides the practical experience you need to successfully deploy and administer Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12cR3 in your data center. You\'ll walk away with a deeper understanding of its underlying technologies and best practices. By participating in hands-on labs, you\'ll practice installing and employing Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12cR3 in a variety of use cases, including asset discovery, server deployment, operating system updates and system and hardware management.

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